Artists and Character IPs

Berry Winkle

Duck Boi & Pigeon Boi

In the whimsical world crafted by Berry Winkle, a daring Duck Abducts Bread while a clever Pigeon Nabs Berries. Together, they plot a mischievous breakfast heist, becoming the lovable Bread Abducktor (Duck Boi) and Berry Nabber (Pigeon Boi)!
Angelazy Doodles

Eggo Boi, Kwekie, Chichi and Friends

Angelazy Doodles, a joyful artist, creates lovable characters like Eggo Boi, Kwekie, Chichi (Pochi Girl), and Pan de Doggo. Each exudes unique charm, spreading smiles and warmth to hearts worldwide.



Noodsly, the cheerful noodle character, embraces food beyond its flavor—delving into the captivating stories and rich culture behind each creation and ingredient. Our artworks aim to ignite imagination and bring warmth to both hearts and tummies.



In the delightful realm of @thebunmeo, Crystal, a third-year student at NTU, curates an irresistibly cute universe. Teaming up with her partner, they blend design and bunny charm. At the heart is Romeo, a lovable white bunny with sky-blue eyes, leading a squad of adorable pals—Snowy, Mew, Milo, Quak, Chocobao, and Oreo. As @thebunmeo’s following grows, fans crave a piece of this cuteness. Crystal crafts delightful merchandise, turning @thebunmeo into a hub where charming characters embark on everyday cute adventures. Join the lovable @thebunmeo gang for a journey of friendship and joy!

@pines and prints

Pines and Prints

Pines n Prints is an illustration brand centered around animals finding joy in the simple things of everyday life. Through lighthearted drawings,, the characters share these moments, often gathering together to celebrate. Meet the trio: the group leader cat, the free-spirited bird, and the playful bun.



Bub (Paws n’ Metal) – Once Herded Metal Cats on Tour  Now, he Raise Hell Ranting About #Metal, #Beer, and #TheScene!